Nanjing Su Li Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is specializes in providing total solutions for warehousing equipment system supplier. We provide our clients with warehousing systems consulting, design, manufacture, installation and service integration, integrated services. Business Scope: racking system overall planning and design, warehousing conveyor systems integration (including storage shelving systems, storage peripherals, digital equipment), handling systems, material handling systems.
     Produced strictly to ISO9001 quality system to operate as a standard, all products are advanced European industry standard to test.
     The company has strong technical force, product development team, a mature installation team and perfect service system. With excellent product quality and efficient installation services, our products are well received by all levels of users.
     Our main products are:
1 storage shelves: a variety of light, medium and heavy-duty combination adjustable shelves, non-standard forms of shelves;
(2) automated warehouse and management control systems;
3 station equipment: a variety of standard and non-standard digital equipment and metal structures;
4 Logistics container: Pallets, a variety of crates, storage cage and packaging materials;
5 logistics transportation system: a variety of conveyors and production line control system;
6 handling equipment: pallet trucks, electric stacker;
     The company has a large number of professional and senior technical personnel, and with the Southern Electrical and Mechanical College has long-term technical cooperation, the introduction and digestion products internationally advanced logistics technology, innovative spirit, and always keep the company in the industry's technology leader.
     Integrity and pragmatic, science and technology, and efficient development of enterprise policy.
     Company will be happy to provide you with a scientific and rational logistics planning programs and provide quality products and services!


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