Medium-duty type Racks

Medium-sized shelves with chic modelling, reasonable structure, convenient installation, and solid, large bearing capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises and institutions warehouse.

Unit shelf between each layer load ­ 100-500 kg, the total load is generally not more than 2500 kg. Unit shelves span is usually not more than 2.6 m, the depth of no more than 1 m, height is generally within 3 m. If unit shelves span within 2 m, the layers contained within 500 kg, usually without a medium-sized shelf plate beam shelves relatively appropriate; If the unit shelves span more than 2 m, generally can only choose to have medium beam plate shelves. No beam medium than medium with a beam shelves, layer spacing adjustable scope is bigger, stronger, beautiful, coordination with the environment better, more suitable for some high cleanliness requirements of warehouse; Medium-sized shelf plate beam shelves, industrialization is the distinguishing feature of stronger, more suitable for depositing metal structure products. Medium-sized shelf plate shelf wide application.

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Medium Duty Shelving is widely used for hand loaded applications.With a wide range of heights, deepth, length and easy adjustment, Medium Duty Shelving is a quick and easy storage solution for stores, workshops, warehouses, etc.


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There is no need of bolt, rivit, screw to install the racking.Components slot together forming a rigid, durable structure that’s quick and easy toassemble, rearrange or dismantle for relocation.

Standard Specifications 


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