table trolley

A, logistics, manufacturing carrying weapons, can make the production line space to the best of its operation;
Second, plan production, saves the manpower, reduce the cost, so as to achieve high yield, high quality;
Three mainstream, product handling, ensure the safety of personnel and articles during handling process, reliable;
Four, object space and flexible application, folding collection does not occupy a space.
Five, with signs, clear process operation, flexible operation simple convenient transport.
Six, high mobility, structure and beautiful, the surface electrostatic pensu processing, long service life.
Seven, can be attached with safety belt, the fixed link loading and unloading speed is quick, to the entire transport together with the truck, deposit can be folded, does not occupy a space to facilitate transportation.
Eight, the specialized design, convenient operation, time and energy. Widely used in the logistics industry and processing manufacturing industry. Small objects necessary for handling, handling, storage, display a variety of purposes.


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